Smart way to automate field service management

in real-time

Keeprop is a fully hosted, hassle free online software app that helps maintenance and service management to be fully automated. All this without the dispatchers.

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Send request

Sending Request


User can create a Request for service, without the need to login to the system.

Delegate Work order

Delegating Request


Keeprop automatically creates a Work order and delegates it to the Service provider, who has a limited time to accept or reject it.

Get the job done

Job Done


If it is requested, the Service provider can confirm the location on the Work Order. He has a limited time to finish the works and close the Work Order.

Keeprop serves a number of different industries, with respect to certain specific needs.
The purpose is to support the process and to help the people to follow it.
If you don’t find your industry among the listed, this doesn’t mean it won’t work for you!

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Main features

  • Asset identifying
  • GEO locating
  • Service tracking
  • Work delegating
  • Autopilot
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How to start

  • Create the assets and define types of problems that can occur on them.
  • Create the users of assets and service providers.
  • Set the Keeprop Autopilot. Automatically creates work orders,
    notifies about realization and much more...

Set it once and the Autopilot will do the rest

if request is submited by a user using the QR CODE
and request type is cleaning
then assign the team VendTech LTD
in time confirm within 30 minutes
complete the works within 2 hours 30 minutes
  every week ending Oct 3, 2017

Who benefits

Owners & Managers

Owners and FM can organize and automate the entire process around Keeprop, including respond times and check of the arrival to the location. They’ll be notified only when something is not going as expected like when the Service provider didn’t accept the Work Order or the time for the service has expired.

Service providers

Each Service provider can see the exact location of the Asset and can acess the full service history. Also, he can confirm the arrival on the location and can easily manage work orders.

Asset users

User can create a Service request with or without login, using the QR code. Also, he can confirm the location and help the Service provider to reach him faster.


Simple and affordable automated maintenance management is becoming reality with KEEPROP.

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We work hard to make it happen as soon as possible! If this sounds interesting to you, you would like to contribute or influence development, please email us at or complete the form and we’ll get in touch. In a smart way!