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Automated Services,

Assets, and Workforce.

Software for companies that want to automate services and optimally manage workforce and assets.


Keeprop’s robust automation of job dispatching ensures that tasks are delegated to the right technicians at the right time. When a request is made by the user or device, the system automatically creates a work order and dispatches it to the technician that is in charge.

The user-friendly mobile app will speed up the way in which you do your business, give you a current, real-time overview of situations, and will simplify your internal and external communication. It will help your staff to be more efficient and fully responsive.

Keeprop, as an automated service management platform, supports different ways to access and use the events that occur on the assets.
Keeprop provides the support for different aspects of IoT (Internet of Things) usage, which has become the worldwide standard for connecting devices. 

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What is Keeprop



Keeprop is a software that enables easy management of workforce, vehicles, and assets in real-time.


Using the innovative approach to solve the challenges of the complex field-service organization, it helps to automate the dispatch of work orders for a wide range of activities.


You just need to set the business instructions once, through a set-and-forget approach, and the software will run the operations on autopilot.


Moreover, Keeprop is capable of analyzing and constant learning and can be engaged in suggesting improvements to the current process.

To help humans serve machines.

To become the number one automated service management platform of tomorrow.

In today’s fast-moving world, everybody wants quick and efficient responses to their demands.


Keeprop, through its automation of the service cycle, helps you speed up your responsiveness, improves work processes, and increases user satisfaction—more happy customers, more business, more profit!


Companies with complex and real-time service-management challenges.


Companies that have to synchronize the technicians and assets on tasks and help them finish their jobs on time.


Those who have a large number of assets in the field that have to be served.


Those interested in better visibility of operations.


Those interested in outsourcing without compromising quality.


Those interested in generating savings and making the service team smaller.

Directly connect the users and assets with technicians. Keeprop manages the field workforce so as to deliver services on time and with the requested quality.

  1. IoT to connect Keeprop and the equipment.

  2. AI to make better automated management decisions.

  3. Machine learning to learn and improve the decisions software make.

  4. Mobile to keep teams connected and fully mobile in real-time.

  5. GPS to locate the assets, teams, and vehicles.


Let the software act as a hands-on manager on behalf of the company. It will keep the team focused on priorities, time, and performance.

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