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No more micro-management! Store the service-level agreements, and track the performance of different request types, territories, technicians, or teams. Focus on your business development and eliminate the costs of high-priced manual dispatching.
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Service Requests Receiving

No matter whom you serve - humans or machines - you have to enable them to make service requests in their native language. Keeprop enables the direct and straightforward mapping of these requests into standardized tasks that can be assigned to technicians and engineers.

Keeprop offers different interfaces for collecting requests: a user can make requests by scanning the QR code on the asset or by using the app on a mobile device or touchscreen; machines are connected using an Internet of things (IoT) interface and monitored in real-time for their needs.

Keeprop will handle all the requests and route them to the appropriate team.

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Automated Work Dispatch

Keeprop eliminates the need for most of the manual dispatch work and routes the tasks automatically. The automation is based on the instructions that are stored in the Keeprop database once, which describe how the servicing is organized or contracted.

Upon making the request, Keeprop will consult the instructions and delegate the work order to the assigned person, team, or company. The assignee will be allotted a predefined time to accept the work order, come to the site, check in, perform the job, and close the work order. In case something does not go as expected, the manager will be notified.

Compose the simple and straightforward set of instructions or make a complex schema for your business, Keeprop will implement it and ensure that the team follows the process.

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Automated Follow-up and Quality Check

The follow-up on each work order is time-consuming and extravagant but a must if the quality is essential.

Keeprop tracks the service team through the entire work cycle while checking the time and visited locations to confirm the expected work progress. As soon as somebody is found not to be performing by rules and expectations, the software escalates the problem and notifies the manager in charge of the process.

The quality check can be done in two ways: if a human requests the services, Keeprop will send the survey to check the satisfaction; if the machines are being serviced, Keeprop will use IoT to check if the problem is solved.

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Asset Availability Optimization

The availability and state of assets are critical for fast servicing. Keeprop provides technical means using a Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate the assets and provides this location to the service team. Using IoT interface or dedicated GPS modules, all the vehicles, machines, tools, or other mobile/fixed assets can be easily connected to Keeprop and located in real-time.

Not only can the location be monitored, but the key parameters essential for the service process are also available for better planning and management.

This also holds true for technicians and moving vehicles. The information about the proximity to the location can be used as an instruction for the work order dispatch.

Financial Reports

Automated Performance Analysis

Sometimes, it is hard to measure performance and have insight into operations with real figures. Luckily, Keeprop continuously conducts analyses and keeps a record of the accomplishments of each technician, team, asset, service type, territory, etc. The feedback gathered from asset users or machines via IoT interface are included in the analysis.

All the data are presented either as KPIs or are formalized in different reports. You can always access each team member’s results and find the cause for bad performance—the decisions based on exact numbers are still the best way to manage the business.

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Work Scheduling

Work orders can be created as a result of a service request or can be scheduled; regardless of the procedure, Keeprop will dispatch it and treat it with the same care.

A complex regular-maintenance process can be organized, and the software will run it with no interruptions. It will always keep the involved parties focused on the job and informed about their role.

The process owner has an overview of all the activities. Using the software, he can deal with the complexity of day-to-day operations.

Mobile Phone

Mobility and Automated Notifying

With Keeprop, the service team is always fully mobile. The dedicated mobile app notifies and guides the technicians throughout the entire service cycle. It requests the confirmation of acceptance of the work order, approval of the location, and all other steps in the process. It continuously tracks and notifies all involved parties when the due time approaches.

The software acts as a hands-on manager on behalf of the company. It keeps the team focused on priorities, time, and performance.

The better the decisions, the better the company.

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